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Need Savvy Advice: New PC W/ Win XP Pro--Update Or Not?


Reply Phil Salisbury says: March 17, 2014 at 10:12 am It cracks me up about the comment of comparing window XP to and old car. And it makes perfect sense for them to cause havoc! Rant over! Get over yourselves. have a peek at these guys

Unfortunately, Microsoft and other providers of security software have fed this misconception by offering software that will run on the expiring OS into the foreseeable future.--Richard Hay | Windows Observer I Yes, Windows 10 is stellar and absolved Windows 8’s worst sins. They have antivirus and anti-malware software, and I always advise them to be careful online. Thanks … Timothy says: 8 years ago Wow, what a list! http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2487692,00.asp

Still Using Windows Xp 2016

You want Windows Update to install those updates for you automatically. IOBIT has a nifty app containing it's Smart Defrag and other cool tools plus a bunch of very useful utilities…its called Advanced System Care…and its free. You are in control over your PC, not Microsoft.

November 21, 2014 Rick P. @ringhalg Bios, Hardware Firmware and Device Driver Updates make your machine physically operate properly.

But that the fault of the app Vendor not the OS. Red [email protected] says: 8 years ago My own strategy to diagnosing a slow/unresponsive computer: 1. Next Prev See larger image No desktop gadgets or widgets Likewise, if you’re a big fan of Windows 7’s gadgets and widgets for the desktop, they aren’t available in Windows 10. Is Windows Xp Still Supported Aside from that, we've seen a few botched updates but no updates that led to blue screens like that. In some cases, driver updates have broken some drivers.

Great effort! Is Windows Xp Still Good Once they get a grip of it, any smart person will never look back, I'm sure. Conga Keystone says: 8 years ago Please help. http://techtalk.pcpitstop.com/2014/03/13/expert-advice-windows-xp-eol/ I have tried a number of these myself and they can do wonders.

It's not like the software is made of gold! Windows Xp Vs Windows 10 The solution? The most important thing to do is to upgrade to something more recent than the mouldering Windows XP, even if you think it’s still the bee’s knees. Most of these are quite useful.

Is Windows Xp Still Good

Over the years I have very rarely had a problem with MS patches or updates. read review It was a wonderful way to stay on top of your cloud-stored files without downloading all of them to every Windows device you logged into with your Microsoft account, especially if Still Using Windows Xp 2016 you have to stick with XP even if it is the only application on that PC which you use. Windows Xp 2016 Gold Edition acilden says: 7 years ago Thanks for all the performance tips!

It will feel like a new computer. http://tenten10.com/windows-xp/windows-xp-sp2-update-problem.php Since the methods that PAE uses are at least partially independent from the OS, Windows still only reports that it is using/able to use ~3.5GB. I missed Win 7 but that was my fault, not Microsoft's. Related How to Get Windows 10 How to Get Windows 10 On Tuesday, Microsoft officially stopped providing updates to Microsoft Security Essentials for XP. Best Windows Xp Version

The same day that Windows XP reaches its end of support on April 8, Microsoft will roll out a major update to Windows 8.1 that will make it easier for traditional desktop Perform a virus scan on your computer regularly. Edit the right-click context menu in Windows XP and Vista and remove unnecessary items to increase display speed. 33. check my blog If you want to speed up your computer, buy more RAM.

Attackers know business and home users are often slow to update, and they can wreak some havoc in the time before people patch. Win Xp Download I have no need or desire to up date to a OS that doesn't run my many $$$$ software packages. Dan says: 8 years ago Re benevolent anarchist's post - I agree that removing programs from your hard drive will not in itself make the PC faster.

But if the program isn't loaded up at boot time, and indexing is off, I can't see how uninstalling it will make the PC any faster at all.

And then all the comments are full of people disagreeing... Some people can't afford to buy Windows 8 or a new PC. 3 years ago Anonymous I have tried Windows Vista and 7 but I always return to XP. We all know that *nix systems are NOT for everybody and will never be the mainstream home OS. Windows Xp Free Download Full Version It is constantly being updated at no cost to the end user.

YOU could provide the NEXT generation upgrade of OS system for FREE to PC users who still have XP, have you thought of that????? 3 years ago Anonymous I will buy By Tamara Chuang | [email protected] | The Denver Post PUBLISHED: August 1, 2016 at 5:26 am | UPDATED: August 15, 2016 at 2:41 pm Sign up for newsletters and alerts Submit This is against the anti trust laws and undoubtedly MS will be hauled for it and well deserve it too. 3 years ago Anonymous I will use my xp machine as news I know several less technically inclined people who paid technicians to revert their PCs to Windows 7 after they couldn’t wrap their heads around Windows 10.Conversely, if you’ve perfected your workflow

But setting up a page file on a different hard drive. Make sure to download all the latest Windows Updates, Service Packs, and hot fixes as they “normally” help your computer work better. 71. Cheers!!! i just need it for my medical.

And, of course, MS had also 13 years to fix them. There was about 15 different tips that I was able to apply to my XP and Vista machines immediately. If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows and have 4GB of RAM or more, you can force Windows to see and use all of the RAM by enabling PAE. Get more information about upgrading to Windows 8.

Does it work with Vista? Comments aren't added to the site automatically between 2am and 6am. Mac Truck says: 7 years ago The only real way to make a PC go faster is to make sure you are on a higher floor when you drop it out Its minimum requirements may be higher than those for Windows XP, but a 1GHz processor and 1GB of memory are hardly high end.

Instead if you get excessive UAC prompts, give yourself higher permissions in folders that make sense, such as the Start Menu. Step 1 should have been "Install Debian Linux" and step 2 "learn some quick package management skills to 'apt-get install kde xorg' ". Microsoft has become a model of how NOT to treat one's customers. I hate to see it go.

Thanks a lot to whoever wrote this! I have to keep an XP machine running offline for some legacy hardware and software that is not available for win 7&8. 3 years ago [email protected] YOU CAN'T INSTALL WINDOWS 8