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windows explorer / freeze problem

Explorer.exe crash down

windows goes crazy - where's the bug?

explorer.exe keeps restarting(icons folders close)

opening via windows explorer not responding

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Windows explorer crash

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Windows Explorer address bar history (dont want)

Opening My Pictures alot causes windows to freeze

Random crashes (Moved from Vista/7)

Explorer.exe Constantly Crashes When Deleting/Examining/Browsing Files

Windows Explorer Constantly Crashes

Windows explorer restarts

XP Pro Windows Explorer Problem

Explorer.EXE keeps Dying

Windows Explorer Always Closes!

Window Explorer crashes

help with my windows explorer

Exploere.exe and IE keep closing

[resolved] Windows Explorer Problem

Windows Explorer sometimes needs >20s to show files

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Problem with Win Explorer

Windows explorer keeps freezing

Corrupted file crashing windows explorer if selected

Windows 7 Explorer.exe "Not Responding"/ BSOD

Windows Explorer

Problem with windows explorer error

Windows Explorer Problem Possibly Virus?

Problems with explorer.exe and other programms

Windows Explorer Keeps Terminating

Please Help XP/Explorer causing problems

problems refreshing folders in XP

IE6 Crashes When Create New Folder

explorer keeps restarting in Vista

Picture file problem in Explorer.

IE7 on WinXP SP3 main toolbar missing (not the menu bar!) ?

Windows Explorer Crashes (Vista sp2)

Crashing Explorer

Windows Explorer Stopped Working - Black Screen

Windows Explorer Problem in Vista ultimate SP!

Problems with explorer.exe and more

starting Win explorer in a specific folder

Vista-Explorer.exe crash

Windows explorer restarting several times.

Windows Explorer stops responding.

explorer malfunction

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Windows Explorer Restarting upon clicking search button in Google

Windows Explorer annoyance

Explorer.exe Keeps Shutting Down And Restarting

Windows explorer restarting antimalware virus HELP PLEASE!

Windows Explorer restarts over and over

Explorer.exe keeps crashing a folder is causing it

explorer.exe crashes at startup

Vista explorer Keeps restarting

Videos folder crashes Windows Explorer upon opening

explorer.exe restarts again and again.

Windows Explorer strange behavior

Windows Explorer Error.

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