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How to gain back Admin Privileges?

Old Windows 10 Versions Will Expire Today

PC crashed

Windows takes an hour to boot and then gives a BSOD message

Blue Screen - BSOD Driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal

USB mouse problem after Vista wake up

Opening folder problems

How Can I Avoid Rebooting

Unable to load window

PC tools irritating popup every time I bootup[MOVED]

BSOD computer freezing

PC freezes on sign-in screen

Usb dongle wont detect other devices?

Computer Not Starting Right

Standby Issue

BSOD without a BSOD?

How Do I Fix Product Key Issue?

MultiStreaming sound?

Crash Issues Laptop Restarting again and again

BSODs since July. Time to fix my computer!

REsgitry edited somehow

RESOLVED: Rundll32.exe in Processes

Upon Reboot no start bar

Update issues

Choppy sounds

BSOD randomly

Low level sound after upgrade

Unresponsive computer

tucb Sound Playback Devices

fltmgr.sys error message!

My internet explorer screen keeps flashing and moving on its own! help!

Restore and Minimize button color and language bar mouseover highlight

RESOLVED: Sound issues on movies

Windows 8 Reboots Randomly

Windows 10 random freezes

Eeekkkk-my PC is playing up! Help plz

Serious problems with freezing.

Browsers freeze after search?!

Whole system just stops

Excel and Word files will not open in Excel and Word

Hidden empty partitions

Having problems after new windows installation? please help !

Permanently Turn Off Language Bar

Re: Cannot start cmd [moved from Security]

Windows Update Blues

Security Update Problem Windows XP

2 post. Pc very slown : Netropa Hot Key

file erase

WinTV-HVR-1800 PCI-e

Not able to open Add/Remove option in COntrol panel

problem installation a program

NTFS.sys corrupt/missing & monitor won't respond/react to turning on PC

Is there any point in changing windows sound drivers to realtek ?

Start RSIT inoperative.

Windows Error sound when Restarting or Shuting Down

Chkdsk fails to complete.

Constant Reboot issue

Windows (not the OS) and the start menu have huge delays before they open


After HD crash I have Win/ installation problem

Strange graphical glitches after reboot

update fails

all kinds of problems start bar gone ect

HELP! no taskbar!

Outlook 2013 & Windows 10 symbols issues

HDMI or USB3 not working (Windows 10)

Built in Microphone too quiet?

NTOSKRNL attempting to access NAS device

OEM vs. Full

BSOD from ntoskrnl.exe on and off for way too long now

Device Manager EMPTY?! USB ports u/s?

Annoying Pen Feedback Rings

stdriver64.sys BSOD

Recent BSOD crashes

Can't shut down via Start Menu

Explorer.exe Manual Start II

Fan Speed too Fast on Gateway T-1620

Lost sound after Windows Update

Computer hangs up as soon as desktop icons appear

All personal files have disappeared!

A way to alter the RAM detected by Windows?

Windows Media Player problem - sorry if in wrong category

How to de-activate Win upgrades process

Kernel 41 (63) crash Help reading minidump file

Cannot open folders

Windows installation crashes!

Can't finish installation

WMP won't play Audio CD's

Printer Driver Problems with Vista

Windows 7 Will Not Boot Up

shut down problem.

critical error message;no taskbar;weird scan program

Laptop slow and sound problems

Multiple bluescreens

Windows 10 Display switched to Portrait Mode all on its own

Random Freezing/Restarts Then Unable To Turn On

win 7 to win 10 upgrade fails

Windows 10 build 10565 and an Insider Ring slider

One User account is tweaking out

own acc not visible in user dir.

Windows Installation failing on new computer

Crashes often after upgrade to win 7

Administrator Rights Lost and Trojan-Backdoor

cant log on after installing windows updates

Dunno. Windows anitvirus virus?

Lost folders and files after SP3 update

Computer won't boot past bars

Fraustrated - re-installing issues =(

Programs Won't Open?

Lag/sound problem

Install Application On Only One Account

Win 10 Auto Repair Loop - Avast?

GPU BSOD in Win10 x64

i could not remove a Av from machine

Windows 7 search isn't functioning

Frequent BSOD (driver issue?)

Need help resetting reg cmd after clean install

Pop-ups and Memory Hogging

Attempting to Print to a Homegroup Printer

installation problems with every program

Windows 10 will be free for software pirates

windows 7 explorer tabbed

Win 10 upgrade - blue screen - stuck on pass reset

issues with windows

Running Audio thru 2 USB Headsets?

Synching Windows 7/Outlook 11 to Windows 10

Trying to move installation to a new HDD

HP Pavilion g4 will not upgrade to W8

How to disable / delete hotkeys!

Windows 10 build 10036 has leaked

[resolved] BSOD: Stop Drive_IRQ-Not-Less 0x000000D1

Error Message after installing my printer

Removing Apps with Powershell

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