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I got another trojan

Need help with Trojan Removal

Help Got a Pretty Bad Trojan

Major virus/trojan/malware infection

My AV program is telling me I have a trojan

Pls help with trojan/malware/virus problem.

Malware - claims to delete Trojan

Got a trojan problem

Infected with Trojan

trojan removal help

Trojan/Virus Removal

Laptop infected by Trojan

Trojan/worm/Spyware infected? Please Help

trojan/virus help!?

Help with removing trojan please

Various Trojan/Viruc Problems

trojan virus

6 viruses in laptop and 2 in my desktop. with HJT log file.

Trojan Virus Issue

Trojan/Virus Help please

Help me with a Trojan.

Help Trojan Virus

Trojans are taking over my uncles labtop please help

My Laptop is Infected with spyware or trojan virus

cannot delete trojan

Trojan Virus in msiexec.exe

nuwar.CG.worm/spammer.h/various other malware

2 Trojans? Need help!

I dont know what to do about this virus/trojan

HELP. I Cant beat the trojan horse

can't get rid of spyware.help HJT included

Trojan Virus Problem!

trojan cleanup help

need computer checked after recent trojan

Need help removing Trojan horse please

Help with Possible Trojan?

Nasty trojan virus seems impossible to remove

Have various trojans

Spyware/Trojan help

trojan problems.

Internet problems possible dialers or trojan ?

Trojan Help

Need help removing returning Trojans

need help with virus/trojan

Viruses and trojans not being removed!

Trojan I can't get rid of.

Help getting rid of hidden trojans

Trojan / Virus need help

Virus? Trojan? Help!

Do I have a virus or trojan? My other PC

Helppppp i think i have a trogen

Malware or Trojan?

Cannot remove worm (TR/Dldr.Urseowl) - please help

Trojan or Worm Help

my anti spyware cant find trojan

Infected by Trojan


PLEASE help I think I have a trojan hidden on my computer

Help!Help! Urgent! Computer is trojan infected! Badly.

Help with possible Trojan viruses please!

Help with a trojan!

Trojan Viruses

Trojan Spyware Remover 2009

need help- computer infect by malware/worm.?

Trouble with Trojan removal

Virus and trojan infected

Need help! Random trojans and malware

Virus/Trojan/Spyware Removal Help

Trojan and Vista problems and some

Trojan and other problems

Trojan virus malware problem.

Please help - Multiple trojan horses

Trojan found by Antivir

Removing Malware/Trojans

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