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task manager help!

need to know how can get back my task manager when i click ctrl+alt+del

Task Manager Not Working

No Task Manager

Task Manager Freezes/does not work.

disable task manager always appear

Random processess in Task Manager =/

Help required on task manager/regedit/foldedr options disabling virus

Can't open task manager.

regedit/task manager problems and a couple other things

TaskManager and other programs wont load

Windows XP task manager auto startup

No Task Manager/Regedit/Hidden files

Task mgr. running processes

Task Manager & regedit disabled by administrator

Help with deleting processes

taskmanager problem

XP Pro Task Manager screen - on different PC's

task manager

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Windows Vista TaskManger.

Task Manager won't open

Regedit and Task Manager not Working

Google Chrome's Task Manager

Weird file name in task manager

Windows Task Manager

windows Xp not showing my dual core

Task manager with no tool bar.

Can't kill multiple firefox and IE in task manager

Task manager and folder option gone!

Task Manager playing games!

Number of processes on Task manager just keeps growing

Can only load programs from task manager! help!

Several Task Manager Windows Open

Task Manager does NOT work. EVER!

Help Task Manager?!?!?!?!?!

Problem with Task Manager

Control panel and task manager disabled

Task Manager and Command Prompt doesn't work

Do i need all these processes?.

92 processes running!

my task manager is gone?

Regedit/Task Manager/gpedit disabled. Possible virus. Help

Iexplore process in Task Manager

Taskmgr.exe Freezing

Help Me. Blank Task Manager

Task manager has been disabled by your administrator.

task manager doesnt load

BIG VIRUS Wont Let Me Open Task Manager Nor Command Prompt

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