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Search Engines Redirectin To Unrelated Pages


Could a noindex + nofollow erase any poison link juice? I also had wiped my hard drive clean twice with no result! Sometimes there are other reasons to choose a 301 versus a 404. If you can't and you need to move on, it's totally ok to 404 it. get redirected here

I think I got it on there because of downloading pirated software (patches, cracks, keygens) to avoid paying: so stealing software didn't pay off :( I know you guys aren't specialised How can this be prevented?

How much link juice is really lost through a 301 redirect from a root page is not always the same. It talks about 301's, 302's, 307's, Meta refresh, Definitions, Technical constraints, Best practices, Tools etc..

Though Moz might want to make some updates on 302's based on the recent Or, as AJ listed above, you can keep the redirect in place with dynamic messaging (but just don't think it will help SEO-wise). navigate here

How To Block Redirects On Chrome

I am also rather frightened i will find trojans ^^ I have not long formatted the drives and reinstalled windows after all :( redirects to chinaontv, kdirectory, porn, ask.com, various shopping directories, Hey guys what you think about this redirect of Seomoz to Moz? Glenn Gabe Great points AJ. Then they don't get frustrated looking for something that is no longer there or wonder why they keep landing on the home page.

Keep the users happy and most

A frustrating experience: The same URL shows up in search result pages on desktop and on mobile. One of them is the standard 301 redirect. No Malware or Virus scans will find it because it is installed as an Add On in Firefox tools menu. How To Stop Redirects On Android Glenn Gabe I wouldn't call it dangerous.

Drastically, we have noticed improvement in ranking and traffic also.

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Practically, one of our website fallen down in ranking and we have redirected all old URLs Don't fix what's not broken. It is a bind, but one must proceed, even with caution. check this link right here now If everything is relevant, I don't think there is any harm.

Submit Cancel Rameez Ramzan 2013-07-02T03:18:34-07:00 If you want to do that then you have similar niche websites then its

You will know this is your solution beyond the shadow of a doubt once you see where all of those annoying redirects are hiding at. Chrome Cleanup Tool Found and removed everything. Our next conference will be held: May 9-11, 2017: MarTech San Francisco October 2-4, 2017: MarTech Boston × Attend MarTech - Click Here Learn More About Our MarTech Events Take the However, linking to different versions ‘weakens’ the signals pointing at the primary version of your page and might mean that Google will favour the wrong version of your content in search

Google Redirect Virus

You will know this is your solution beyond the shadow of a doubt once you see where all of those annoying redirects are hiding at. https://www.deepcrawl.com/blog/best-practice/12-seo-issues-and-practices-that-google-will-penalize-you-for/ I recently wiped my PC (saved music pictures and documents to a harddrive) and reinstalled windows. How To Block Redirects On Chrome I'd like to know what they did with pages that didn't have equivalents on the new domain. Google Chrome Redirect Virus According to experts, this is usually a fictitious value which is hard to measure in real figures and facts.

If you want to retain strong rankings and traffic from Google, make sure you have a one to one mapping from the old url to the new url. Get More Info Winner of the European Search Awards 2015 About Us Our API Careers Contact Us Media & Press Affiliates Customer Advisory Board Whitepaper Downloads Terms of Use Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Status Not one problem since. Guys, here is the removal for the redirect virus. Chrome Redirect Virus Android

If search engines drop the old URLs then that would happen if you didn't redirect them anyways. Because it is not one! Now I can use Google without these annoying redirects. useful reference Presumably, the same applies if you redirect a page to wildly different content.

My takeaway is that most web developers could use a briefing sheet based on your infographic when talking through site architecture with their clients - it would solve a lot of 301 Redirect And then add the danger of not knowing the full history of that domain (for those that don't fully research it), and you can see why it's just not worth the For example, maybe the product or service isn’t available anymore, a category has been removed, etc.


No! If yes then it would be better that you 301 redirected the old URLs to the new URLs

Submit Cancel Cyrus Shepard 2013-06-18T10:49:43-07:00 One question we don't know the answer to A practical example would be if one would like to place an article on the root page but this is also indexed as an alias or homepage. Malware Removal Maybe there are a bunch of pages that are just truly dead and Google keeps crawling them.

About The Author Barry Schwartz Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Land's News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based web consulting firm. Modified April 10, 2012 at 11:19:47 AM PDT by Shawn Chosen solution I guess I had this rootkit too. Is it too late to go back and re-assess the 301 redirects at this point? this page Not one problem since.

I also had wiped my hard drive clean twice with no result! Really, the only way that I was ever able to get rid of it was by using a manual process and then removing traces of it with things like CCleaner and I didn't realize that, but it makes complete sense. Thus I can update it and make it better.

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