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search files not working

What to do if eRecovery Manger doesnt open

Internet not working

Network connection good.Browser not good.

Problems with USB devices

Need 2 Find Bar and Adward that I can't get rid of

Opening Embedded Message Links in Windows Mail

Desktop and Tablet Speakers Stopped Working

problem with mouse

Wireless 3500 Mouse Not Working Windows 7

Problems with xp and my new Workstation

Keyboard or touchpad not working !

Zone alarm not working in XP

Can't paste anything/ No clipboard

Wireless Button not working

Subwoofer not working

intellimouse not working

google.com is not working.

Usb Port Problem

HP Bios Update messes with my keyboard

Ethernet Port Not working

Internet not working after 10 mins Only port 80

Some folders and Skype out not working properly

I.E Browser History does not drop down

keyboard wont work on when i get to reformat screen

on-board NIC card stopped working

crtl+c no longer works (Vista)

Right key isn't working

Hotkeys don't work

USB Keyboard not working on OS Selection Screen

No Browsers will work

mic not working in skype

System Hangs on StartUp-Using USB Keyboard and Mouse

Clicking links in Windows Mail causes error?

Ethernet Card or Network Adapter Problems

New laptop. Keyboard has stopped working.

Windows 7: Softwares not installing; Net not working

Cant move mouse or type with keyboard on login screen

Keyboards not working USB or PS/2

Internet Shortcuts don't work

Logitech mouse is not responding to my computer

my media is not working propperly

Wireless Mouse Not working

no sound from computer speakers

Touch pad issues.

Microphone input not working

Frozen Mouse & Keyboard

Updates Not Working

Speakers not working and odd things going on


I cant access links in outlook express

Unable to follow hyperlinks

My HCL Laptop Keyboard is not Working Anymore.

Mouse and Keyboard not responding on laptop after startup

Javascript not working!

Help with my laptop display

Browsers aren't working

autocomplete problem

Desktop icons not working properly

I Can't click and open links in the webpage I'm viewing

Easy Fix But not for me-IE8 Forum text greyout

Mic problem

Bookmarks not working.

key board and mouse issues

No Keyboard or Mouse after repair

Mouse Clicks Don't Work Sporadically

(RESOLVED) Ethernet connection doesn't work

Google searchbox problems

mic not working with vista

Allowing USB devices to resume standby/screensaver

Quiet subwoofer after win7 reload

my computer keeps restarting and my keyboard wont work

Space Button Problem

Internet Is Connected But Browsers Dont Work

Win XP search function not working

Mouse Buttons not working completely

USB/win7 issue

XP O/S: Wireless mse & kybrd problems

Problem with Firefox website links

None of my Browsers Work but the Internet Connects

My speakers wont work?

Ctrl-C and clipboard not working

GIFs not working

Ethernet Trouble

My microphone stopped working in my Windows 7 after I simply unplugged it once

Desktop tray not working

my mic doesnt work

Ethernet won't connect to router

FireFox-Hyperlinks to emails do not open a blank email.

USB issues after fresh install

Cannot Install XP as few keys on keyboard disabled

IE 6 - sign in pages dont work

Dell Insprion Left click not working.

Outlook hyperlinks go to Explorer home page

keyboard and mouse not working


Windows xp revolution Keyboard problem

I have to tell my touch pad driver to run everytime I startup

New keyboard won't work on IE fine on Firefox

Frozen mouse and keyboard in Windows XP

OnBoard Audio Card Problems

Problem with space key

Desktop/mouse problem

IE7 not saving cookies

Cannot access hotmail or yahoo email with my internet

mouse and keyboard not working

Having problem using headset microphone

keyboard & mouse problems

browsers dont work. help!?

Help! Usb problem!

Favourites not working

usb port want work

Trouble w/ outlook and firefox

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