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My computer has vundo-please help

Getting Strange random audio

My computer has gone slow

my computer is extremely slow

My computer doesn't let me log in.*Sob*

can't open C: through "my computer"

Viruses taking control over Computer.

my computer is in a time warp!

help! my computer keeps shutting down!

Something Bad on My Computer .

My Computer and WMP both crash when accessing MPEG files

What is wrong with Computer

My computer seems to be hijacked

my computer has been taken over.help!

Someone got control of my computer

My computer is very slow and something is currupting my .mpg's

Computer always freezes

My computer shuts itself off whenever I play a game.

Music/sounds coming from my laptop 4 no reason.

Something has taken over my desktop

Help with a hijacked laptop?

PLEASE HELP ME! My computer became possessed.

Help Computer Being Hijacked !

Computer playing random sound and system acting crazy

My Computer is sick

My computer is way slower now.

My computer is my job guys please help

Drive C won't open

PLEASE HELP! My computer has been hijacked

My Computer is running slow.

hacked computer

Friends HJT (dont trust myself enough not to screw up his PC)

my computer is completely mess up

Help loading my computer

Slower Computer: Spyware and Hackers

My computer running slow

laptop talking?

My computer has viruses and won't budge.

My computer suddenly plays random sounds

someone hijacked my computer

Hard Drive stays on - something has hijacked it?

Can't open my drive (C:) in My Computer

my computers running slow and i cant find any bugs this is my hijack somebody help

My Computer Is Ridiculousy Slow. Help!

Dell computer randomly plays music

My computer maybe compromised.

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