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Internet Explorer - Is It Possible To Change Buttons To Text


IE will assume the value of whatever inside the tag and ignore the "value" attribute ... Doesn't that seem logical? Reply Dromyl 28 June 2006 hey guys,when i use Doesn't require a hidden field. Reply Rich 15 March 2007 I didn't want the user to see the name of the button suddenly change to a piece of code the moment it's clicked on. Step 3 To change the font color, go to Start Menu, open the Control Panel, Internet Option and select Colors. If you are happy with the colours you do not need to take any further steps, just click ‘ OK ‘ or press ‘ Enter ‘ to return to the browser.

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The problem is IE always uses the "TEXT" between the as the return value from a form POST, instead of "thevalue".As I observed this only happens in Ok, yes, there are few times when that many are needed or should be needed but it did a number on my brain for a while.I don't think that having IE Disclaimer: The spec (is too long to read) could prove me wrong but I feel pretty confident that Firefox has got it more right in this instance.

Perhaps it's not IE's fault but the