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Installing windows 7 for the first time

Something called Vosteran

cpu upgrading

I got following in one virus scan result

spyware probs

Help Needed! Computer Infected!

Command prompt Accident

VROOMSEARCH hijacked my home page and adds unwated favorites

Can I restore system to original?

Return disk defrag to it's rightful place

Frequent slow internet - Possibly malware?

Taskbar moving?

please help security tool virus cant run scans

My computer is having some Direct X issues

Toshiba satellite booting to recovery partition

Transfer Outlook Folders

problem re-installing program

Partitioning OS from programs?

How to delete corrupt file?

Uninstalling Vista.

Problems going from XP to Ubuntu

Autocheck Problem

Virus/trojan does not allow download of AV check.

Finding deleted program

removing old Win7 bootup screen

XP Time

Help with adware in computer

making copies of dvds

Daughter's PC is Infested!

Blocking Downloading with Windows XP

How can I put Windows XP on a formatted drive without a bootable OS copy?


Is it possible to log into your computer remotely?

How to block outgoing programs using the firewall?

Help with deleting LARGE file folder of gibberish

Computer troubles after virus removal

Hiden files not showing in folder

new folder virus

upgrading memory of laptop

have alot of popups

Elevating account to full admininistrator rights?

old comp: virus and malware haven

restore default

How do I get my MS-DOS game to work?

how to unblock websites that firefox wont let me go to?

Pop up virus?

how to know the ip address

Limited website access

Is my system still infected? Log attached

Bandwidth Eaten Up! Think Virus?!

Repeat malware infections - Antivirus Soft

Firefox Browser Hijacked By Mystart by Incredibar.

Multiple Issues with Virus/Malware

ISS and Domaine Name Server

Lost all photos from HDD

Getting digital videos on my computer onto discs?

Do I still have something malecious on my system?

Help with Deleting Large Number of Emails

Screen Saver Help?

Cannot connect to router?

Windows 7 Full Screen Zooms in too much!

How do I remove a system32 program?

Antimalware doctor cleaning triggers BSOD

Where's the free space on my drive/partition?

delete corrupted files

Spyware is out of control now

continous pop-up

csrss.exe - virus?

how to find a downloaded page

Linkbucks ad removal

need help finding driver

[WINXP-SP3] Adding Russian As Input Language

i worm attck v122.02a balloon and pop-ups

Log Help Can't Remove this Spyware

My anti virus disabled by trojan?

chkdsk utility

Possible keylogger. HELP!

Sony Vaio Win7 install locked HDD

Application preventing screensaver.

Connecting a separate monitor to a notebook

problems using search engines ie yahoo/google please check Hijack This log and advise

alpha antivirus program hijacked my computer

pop-up virus windows vista

Old PC to New PC - Backup IE Favorites

Need help with Virus.

Can someone give me steps on how to reformat my computer

Delete items in favorites

Word on Second Monitor

laptop running slow - some viruses already removed

Can't delete bad file

Reinstall Windows XP-but don't want TWO Operating Systems!

Preventing access to adult websites

Is my laptop clean?

Crazy Virus on my computer NEED HELP FAST

Stupidly changed folder name; now linkage lost to enclosed pics

antivirus disable

Sending pictures via email

Can't rid myself of BullsEye Network

HEEEEELP! Laptop has blocked all my passowrds! Why? Very Urgent!

keep getting toolbar.desktoptraffic.net at bottom of screen

Disable Opera Private Browsing

how to remove personal security virus

Programs running on shut off

How To Format And Partition

missing dll on boot

Problems printing emails

Everytime I search I get a seach bar on the side

crss.exe containing malware?

cannot open C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\ drives

Near death computer: trojan

Headphone problem?

spyware/adware problems

prob's uninstalling program - help plz

search results file on desktop

Windows 8 Size & Zoom

A Problem with Windows Live Messenger (Possibly some sort of virus)

Weird PopUp Message. "Your computer is infected"

Program in Add Remove Programs Missing

how to copy from CD to harddrive.

How to get rid of downloader?!?!?!?

TOSHIBA Equium A100-147 Factory restore

Can I Limit Internet Explorer?

Malware? Download "hangs" all programs

Vista Virus/maleware crash question

Major CD Drive Problem

Formatting Vista.

Redirected to Adware

how to spy

Spyware problem

Constant pop-up ads

Hotmail E/Mail Account Stuck in Arabic?

Intermittent pop-ups - Virtumonde infection

Current running programs

May have a virus. Help please!

Vista getting slower by the day and unable to unistall certain programs

Malware and Pop-ups

Computer is bugging with popups help with log

Deleting the Windows folder?

Virus/Malware I can't get rid of.

How to disable javascript in IE7?

Aministrator "Take Over" on XP

Help with spyware/adware/constant pop-ups

Can't open .download file

Make my system partition Bigger without reinstalling or reformatting

Haxdoor-H got its hooks in my box

Cannot restart in Normal Mode after getting rid of Malware

Infected PC

unknown virus.help required

How to boot without login screen?

Removing system file

I Need Help Making Sure Everything is Clean

Infected and are having issues getting disinfected.

transferring a program from one xp system to another

How do I block a user from accessing my files?

my laptop gets hung in hibernate mode.

Need a check up to see if my virus is gone.

Believe I have a keylogger

Something slowing everything down

Ie and Firefox opening ads automatically

Messed up computer

How to a burn a bin file to dvd ?

adsrevenue is poping up with IE7

Installing Windows 7 with Virus?

Concerned about Keylogger

Streaming QuickTime files from links

Eliminate start-up dual boot choice

Needs video converting help

Flashing Bios & RAM

Need help with virus?/spyware?

Increasing Disk Space

My Outlook 2003 is sending Spam to other exchange Users

Moving accounts and settings after windows XP install

how to delete boot choice?

I think malware has affected my computer's internet

FPS Problem

DOS question goes here? (it's on Win XP)

Cannot seem to remove virtualmundo


Corrupt HDD

Annoying Pop-ups and computer freezes all the time! HELP

Need help with log. dont know what to do.

Outlook Contact Cards copying notes

Might have an infection on my laptop

Had many trojans - Still need help Please


Little blue annoying star from Microsoft-Genuine thing. Can anyone help?

USB wireless adaptor install problem

Laptop Caught Malware from Forums

Windows 7 computer reset help!

Need help cleaning up pc

how do u reboot wndws 7 aftr upgrading from vista?

Recover mail

Laptop with viruses

Win32-type Malware will not go away once deleted.

Vista pc boots to windows98 boot selection screen?

2 XP Installations On C Drive

Dell laptop Windows XP Cryptor virus Help.

Changing Downloaded File Target

Help with Malware/Virus on Win7

SystemFile alert

Completely clean my system

Problems connecting to wireless connection

Lots of unwanted popups

I want to verify my computer is clean.

Change the artist name of an MP3

Does 'My Backup (date and time)' contain Outlook PST files

Laptop started up & cleared everything

Need help with Misplaced Files

How to install msspp3GE.dll

Malware Help! Infected Computer

PREVENT Download & Installation

Printing booklet with word

malware help as per your instructions

ZIP creation

Crazy Popups + Chrashes + browsing stoppage - Help! =)

fails to boot after infection

Suspected malware - Hotmail account hijacked and slow computer

Stubborn Malware

Virus or trojan on win 7 home premium. Please help!

How to reload the operating system

Severely Infected System

LJGWTG spyware on XP Laptop

add two shrunk volume together.

help with old pc game?!?!?!?!

Opening ports for an online game

nqdymj.exe VIRUS on MAC?

slow streaming of videos on my computer

delete exsisting partition?

Computer Infected With Something

Change the font and resolution and poof

Virus out of control-loosing it myself!

my laptop

Dell Inspiron Volume Bar

Multiple Problems Windows XP Home Edition

Virus Problem Hides Files and Programs

Unknown msi files on Norton Scan

Keep loosing my profile

Dare i delete ? ! NO.Help Please

Help For Infested System

Installing a Monitor

Too Small Text

Csrss.exe deleted

Malware/Spyware Infected CPU (I think)

Encrypt files

How to edit boot.ini?

ke sure to remember where you saved that file

Problems installing Windows on new PC

Reinstalling Vista Without Disc

PC infected by adware

How to Partition a Drive?

Desktop image does not fill screen

Blocking websites

searching web pages for text

Help with removing popups

trojan virus is making my computer really slow and wont start properly

Annoying Ad Problems - New Thread

no admin priveleges!

Trojan.Cachecachekit wont go away

Is my computer infected?

Random Pop-ups/Need Help

System running slow and AV found a Trojan

Desktop Infected with Resycled virus

Possible rootkit/virus

New PC and Some Advice wanted with 2nd HDD

Suddenly Slow Streaming Video HELP PLEASE

Infected computer?

Admin Permissions?

Need help with Continuous Pop-ups

Any risk in creating partition after Windows is installed?

Deleted IE Explorer

Image behind Windows Explorer Files - How to Remove?

is it a virus? want to kill computer!

Application shutdown during start up

Malware and Redirecting my homepage!really slowing down my comp.

Encrypted files?

can no longer use msn or aim after resetting bios

Windows XP Priorities

Burning zip file with iso image on same DVD

How to "set secure server/port" for MSN?

random pop-ups and slow internet

Messenger kicking DSL off. Please Help!

Help a mom make her daughter happy again :)

Internet connection on two pcs

Raid Set Up

Help Compressing Large Files

malware(?) making computer behaves weirdly

Block Certain Websites by Keywords in IE

Possible Malware Issue

How to repair disk file structure system?

I have malware/viruses

spyware won't go away

Download in XP is blocked

One Downgrade

Getting Rid of Ubuntu

Possible trojan Collwwwsearch redirect

how do i get the email to not show?

I have a problem and question

I Think A Virus Has Killed My Computer

Cleanin up PC

my computer has loads of virus Help!

I dont know what drives to use D:

Lots of popups. Please help.

OS Boot Screen Order

mail.ru malware infected my browsers

Linking my laptop and desktop

Vista several Virus/Malware issues

2 HDD's acting as one?

New laptop harddrive/Vista problem

Removing XP Partition

Virus On My Computer.Please help

Ads are permanently blocked.?

how to run Sdelete OR install ? can't run Sdelete

Folders converted to shortcuts

Downloading pix from camera phone

Chinese popups after downloading a programm

suspected keylogger

don't know where to start-press shift key and I get [email protected]

Help please with spy ware

Sporadic Google Redirect

Reverse Speaker Channels?

Startup configuration

problems with tabs and downloads

Can I prevent an email I sent out from being read

hard disk drive partition C

steam keeps starting-up ?

how to create bootable disc

huge malware problems

Windows malware issues

Problem Running an Old Game

Someone explain this Bluetooth stuff to me with XP?

Virus prevents me from accessing my c drive or my programs

How to "uninstall" files extracted from an archive?

HP Connected interfering with printing

Spyware in my compy.

Severely Infected System: Spyware/Trojan/Malware?

Help getting new OS on my computer

Potential virus/malware infection

Word Document causing computer to switch off

Hijacked- lots of popups can't determine culpret or successfully clean

need help with adware and malware

Files gone after removing virus.

Memory Stick Virus

need help to create different hard disk volumes

Some sites/addresses blocked

Deleting User Accounts in XP

How do I block access to a specific website?

Took pc apart put it back together Need help

How to install YUM in Windows 7

Logging into a Web Page

Getting Popup Windows all the sudden.

Install Programs to Slave Drive as default

Trojan removal help for windows vista.

How to Re install windows please help

Another browser redirect

Help resolving malware issue

Change Windows Email

Google Redirect and pop ups help

Zipping video files to make it smaller to send faster

Please help. Bad viruses

WiFi Problems

VIDEO CARD specifications : how find ?

Video Card problems after help here with Trojan removal.

Another Rootkit infection

Win7 Login Hacker Installed Password App

nasty spyware infection

VERY SLOW COMPUTER - barely functional?! (w/ HijackThis)

Help me remove this virus :(

How to embed and play wmv file to Iframe with designMode=on?

Adware/Malware can't remove

Picture Manager deleting

virus removal help

XPantivirus 2008 IEexplorer on and off

Reformatted Windows 7

Ethernet Driver trouble after clean xp pro install

Alot Of Pop-ups / No Viruses Or Adware [moved from IE]

Google/Yahoo Redirect Virus - Please help!

Secure PDF

Help me: Virus or No Virus?

Facebook redirecting to a AD site.

win32 invalid application and cant open my external 2 tera hardrive (USB)

Possible virus infection/can't log-in to user

Getting rid of vista

Junk Files Record

pictures and music invisible in folders

Unable to install XP on win7 (for dual boot)

How to search on a NAS drive (XFS format)?

Malware issue?

help removing trojan and adware

several hidden pop-ups

General help installing OS

Revert to new installation status

laptop infection

popups when using browser

Move a locked folder?

dll errors

bitcoin help needed

How to launch IE with specifc window size (e.g 640 x 480)

Can you please help with slow computer.

Recovering corrupted files

Computer suffering possible maleware

Spyware problems and possible virus

How can I reformat in this situation please?

Vista Laptop Hard Drive to Vista Desktop Help needed

how to delete filterpipelineprintproc.dll

Problems Installing Video Card

Problem with Spyware

How do I remove McAfee from system? (mywebsearch?)

Cannot unistall anti-virus

Formatting Windows 7 home premium

Windows Live Messanger - unticked

PLEASE HELP Stubborn Malware

restore after system crash

Outlook 2003 pst. backup

Chain reaction and/or startup popups

Changing Keys?

Wiping Memory

Is my PC infected?

error on my pc

deleting autorun

Hooking up 2nd PC

Recover DVD space after format

How to safely and easy remove trojan downloader.win32.small.alre

I don't what my machine has or how to fix

Probably virus but cant find it

Getting on Internet

Factory reboot unable to get rid of malware?

Resetting taskbar position

can't remove virus

Slow PC & popups

Driver problems when rebuilding PC

Security type websites being blocked.

cursor issues unwanted pages pop up messages deleted before I'm finished typing

how to make font setting permanent

Virus/Malware? I need help please revised

Has my spyware totally gone?

WinXp reinstall and lost all folders on g drive

2nd Infected Computer.For Ried

Windows 7 Permanent Service Priority

Reformatting a Dell

How to make a software appear like it has never been installed on the pc before?

Installed new ram

my windows xp showing spy ware detected

Reformat Methods

scan secondary drive without risk of infection?

Task Manager cannot quickly end programs.

Foreign scripts in the Favorites Center

Help! Malware? (Second Computer)

New pc documentation.

Laptop all of a sudden running very slow due to malware

can't find server messages / removing spyware

How to apply scripts to keyboards.

How Can iI decrypt My files after reinstalling windows xp?

Problem with icons

Partitioning New Drive

When using taskkill /f /im excel.exe -Unable to kill process without confirmation msg

Uninstalled Video Driver

HELP.Infected with adware & viruses

mydietpatch has infected my computer

Toggle display between LCD/CRT

External CD / DVD set up


How to block a particular site

post-malware removal multiple windows issues

Am i infected / which should i remove?

Possibly infected computer -- need a little help

When I try to extract a file

How to hide toolbars without disabling them ?

Windows files infected

Need to de-bog my PC.

Help Needed with Password Folder

Internet password

phmickey32.dll error?

Windows 2003 server Trojan help!

Multiple Malware Issues

Spyware/Maleware/Viruses removed. Need help Repairing.

Removing SP3

problem with msn paint

Blocking email from contact

Son put key logger on dads computer

My youtube video isn't gaining views

Bunch of Malware and pop-ups need help

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