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Hijackthis Log for my HP laptop

HiJackThis Log - Loading times freeze for a few seconds in IE

HijackThis log: issues with performance and browser.

Hijackthis log - major problems

Need help clearing out unwanted programs - HiJackThis log available

HijackThis log; Application MPSERVIC.exe and NT Service Errors at Startup

New Hijackthis Log Please see if this looks right

Need help with HijackThis Logfile. Can anyone please help?

Help with my hijackthis log

Hijackthis Log -Laptop Running Super Slow

here's my hijackthis log

Please Help - My Hijackthis Log

is this hijackthis log clean?

Hijackthis Log---svrrun.exe and bloodhound spyware

Hijackthis log: Dear God

Hijackthis Log. Trying to Remove Offer Optimizer/xlime popups

Help With HijackThis Log - Link to Prior Post

HijackThis log - re: BHO and other problems

PLEASE HELP!(inc hijackthis log):

HijackThis Log Help - Net's Going Slow

HijackThis Log Query

Hijackthis log pop-ups and trojans

Hijackthis log help. :'(

HijackThis Log CiD Help Please

Help with HiJackThis Log.

Hijackthis log - TROJ_DOWNLOADR.B problem

HijackThis Log Help - Popups wont stop.

HiJackThis Log. It's been acting weird.

anyone help with my HiJackThis log?

Help with deleting C:\WINDOWS\system32(HijackThis log

HijackThis log Feb 17/07

can someone please help me interpret my hijackthis log and sort out possible problems

Homepage Hijacked. please help (attached HijackThis Log)

Malware on my HijackThis log?

HiJackThis Log - Download.Trojan - pmnnn.dll

HijackThis Log Help - Need Help in South Dakota

hijackthis log problems

HijackThis Log first time user

Hijackthis log -- CPU spikes sometimes

Hijackthis log analysis please.

HijackThis Log help- Pops ups and Virus

hijackthis log/ please help

Plz help with Hijackthis log

HijackThis Log Help Please!

Hijackthis Log Pop-ups and mal-ware problem

Hijackthis.log - Virus Problem

Hijackthis Log File - Error with Win32 Generic Host Processes

Pls Help With Hijackthis Log

My computers Hijackthis log.

hijackthis log from hacked laptop

Quick Hijackthis log. What can go here?

Hijackthis log - popups and constant internet usage

ZV6000 hijackthis log

My HijackThis Log from sawblade5

I Need Help With HiJackThis Log?

Looking for help with a hijackthis log

HiJackThis log: Plz help w/ fixing my comp

HiJackThis Log File please help me!

Help with this Hijackthis log

Hijackthis log: CPU usage at 100% and computer shuts off; Presario 2500

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