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As suggested above, I went into Control Panel, Admin Services, services, and stopped spoolsv.exe, then restarted it. edy i have found two applications quite samly named!!! If you are in a network, one printer could have been installed not properly. I printed from Word.

At first everithing was normal and then after I installed a Antivirus-programm it began to slow my computer all the time i use it... So disabled the spoolsrv service, restarted and manually removed the registry entries as per Microsoft instructions (see Link). Xavier Go to Control Panel Printer and Faxes Delete every printer other than ur default one an ur OK! angus This spyware over write spoolsv.exe with the same number of KB. anchor

These screenshots do not show, but regularly the spoolsv service will consume all 8GB and climb to use 95-100% of the CPU. I checked and rechecked and my system was clean. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? it worked!

Yes it is a print job spooler, yes its easy to make a trojan with the same name. or PhD applications in sciences/engineering? Being so there is s aconflit with spoolsv and my antivirus. even i do it , it will recover immiediately. 99% CPU useage Fixed when canceled MS ofice image print jobs RobertW it spools any q-jobs either to printer or fax etc.

They appear to be performing mail relaying business. See the section at the end titled "What to do". Score UserComments If you do see this on your task manager, it could be two things: 1. I deleted a MS Office Image Writer print job and problem solved!

And i cant find any print jobs undone. Jeff This file is commonly for windows print jobs, but it CAN be a trojan infected file that opens back door so kill it in task manager and if u need I'm sure you have a print job stuck somewhere... How can it be shutdown forever ?

Uninstall the driver and you'll be fine. Spoolsv.exe is able to monitor applications. Problem seems to have disappeared for now. Vicki I had 100% cpu usage by spoolsv.exe lasting 5+ mins for each print job..

Best way to fix Spoolsv.exe errors When these errors occur, verify if any new hardware or software has been added. Atif Farid Previously I had lpt1 and lpt2; I removed lpt2 but one DBASE application still printed to it--Result the spooler clogged up. You were right in 100%!!! I can't get it out from Microsoft Anti-Spyware + ad-aware + PC-cillin + Symantic Anti-Virus.

screw it. And where can i turn off the spooler? See also: Link Mr. The Image Writer had a print job waiting to print.

Mikey Takes 90+ CPU usage. Scan it for duplicate files right now and free up gigabytes in three simple clicks. Pretty much a valid file.

If your printer is currently pending something and your printer is not connected, it will take up approx. 97-100% of ur CPU.

I wasn't trying to do File Transfers or Print Sharing, so I didn't need for it to access the Internet. Does anyone know why? Regardless of the operating system version you are using, it is always considered good practice to install the latest security updates. Note - "Spoolsv.exe" is located in the Windows or Winnt directory, and not in System32, like the legitimate Spoolsv.exe system file Important: Some malware disguises itself as spoolsv.exe, particularly when not

The spoolsv.exe is using 99%, 100%, or other high amount of CPU. To verify if it is valid: right click on it and click file location. don't worry it's very easy to resolve salah amleh what i know is that it says windows system 660 kb usage 00% cpu use Alex Raptor Double clik on windows Image In most cases, the file is considered to be safe.

You can turn off printer spooling in printer properties. Asif Ahmed More comments can be found here: (further information) Summary: Average user rating of spoolsv.exe: based on 692 votes with 9 reviews. 318users think spoolsv.exe is essential If your print spooler is trying to reach remote IP's at suspicious times (like mine was), I'm willing to guess it's not a print queue.... The connections all work and my computer can ping / be pinged, yet my internet doesn't work.

delete all files in folder C:\WINDOWS\System32\Spool\Printers such as '000x0.SHD or 000x0.SPL'. 4. Jdrumstik please, check if the spoolsv.exe is in the system32 folder (win2k, xp etc) or system fodler (win9x) if a spoolsv.exe is found which is not in those directories then you Carlsen manage the printers on local pc/network nut if i dont't use a printer.. I checked and rechecked and my system was clean.

I checked Task Manager and found spoolsv.exe using over 90% cpu usage. Turning it on has no effect on the RAM or CPU usage. i just noticed it.. marisa Printer Spooler Service: After checking the printer queue I found unprocessed print jobs.

My problem was same and solved by clearing the print queue MertMan After windows update, this thing took over. Burns spoolsv.exe using 100% on re-boot and when trying to print. but as Dystaxia said there were printjobs waiting on the Microsoft Image Writer, I deleted the print jobs on the Image Writer and now it works fine again Rieky It is When that happens, they can be very difficult to detect and remove, but using a comprehensive system scan usually detects them and allows you to safely remove them.

Do not delete file, first review the root cause. the spoolsv.exe can hog up the cpu to 100% when invalid printer tasks are waiting somewhere on your pc or network, doesnt have to be in the printer's tasklist itself, but Funny that my printer spooler wants to randomly send information over the internet :D. This file is coordinating your printing/faxing actions.

when i booted to normal the file didn't appear anymore. Ray P I deleted the print jobs from the factory and now everything is running great.