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CPU Usage always 100%

Frequent CPU 100% usage jump while idle

100% Computer Usage

Something is using CPU

Problems with CPU usage in vista

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CPU use 100%

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Vista 64-Bit CPU Usage 100% w/Videos

explorer.exe taking up 100% CPU usage all the time

CPU Usage

High CPU usage/slow running.possible vundo/MS JUAN.Please help

CPU Usage jumps to 100% for no reason

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CPU Easily goes to 100% :(

laptop slow and having idle issues

100% CPU Usage In need of help

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Cant run Ad-aware 2007 & 100% CPU usage

CPU usage at 100% all the time.

100% CPU usage

CPU running at 99%

svchost way too high and no sound

high cpu uage and slow pc!

CPU running at 100% (Moved from Security Forum)

Zaney CPU Usage.

50% CPU usage.?

ANY Video takes up 100% of CPU

unexplained cpu usage HELP PLEASE

Wacky CPU Usage/ slower performance

Heavy CPU use-age - possibly svchost.exe related?

Chrome processor usage

CPU running at 100% for no known reason!? HELP

DatamanagerUI.exe seems to be using up all of my CPU

cpu at 100% when playing internet video

CPU usage cycles up-and-down after OS reinstall

not responding message and cpu running at 100%

Windows Vista machine running painfully slow and has high CPU usage

CPU usage slows the computer

CPU Usage jumping sporadically

cpu is 100%

CPU usage Win7

99% system cpu usage pls help me

CPU usage > 98% all the time

High CPU usage

Extremely Slow Computer with 100% CPU

Firefox and IE running slow (100% cpu usage)

CPU at 100%?

CPU Keeps reaching 100%

taskmgr.exe is using 99% of my cpu.

Slow computer.always 100% cpu usage?!

Laptop is extremely slow yet under half memory usage.

CPU Usage: 100% problem

Diagnose tool for 100% CPU usage

CPU usage 50%+ when playing warcraft 3

My CPU keeps jumping from 23-75%

CPU Usage 100%

64bit Vista 100% CPU Usage On New HP "Entertainment" Laptop

My CPU Usage please help! PLEASE READ THIS SUMONE!

Cpu at 100% when I connect the USB

CPU usage does not add up correctly!

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