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Computer freezes up at odd times

sound stutters and screen freezes

Computer Freezing up

Computer freezing at random.

System freezing

Freezes while downloading

Major PC Problem - System freezes/hangs/crashes

Windows 7 freezing/crashing during video games

Freeze on boot up (only when restarting) Win 7/Vista

Computer Freezes Or Restarts =(

Static Computer freezing

my PC hangs some times without any reason

Comp freezing/ restarting

Freeze on Boot

Computer keeps freezing[moved from win7]

PC freezes during games

Constant PC freezes

System Freezes!

Computer Lockup while scrolling webpages

Computer fails to initialize; loud crashing sound occasionally

Frequent Freezes

system freezes briefly intermittently

computer freezes on opening screen

Computer freezes after a few minutes in normal mode no matter what

System Freeze Up

Need expert for difficult computer problem - random crash/lockups

Computer freezes at start up Dell Dimension 4700 Problem

Computer crashes when i attemt to turn off.

Computer freezes very frequently.

Computer crashes randomly after 20 minutes

Computer Freezes for no real reason

Computer freezes while watching videos

system freeze

Desktop Frequently Locks Up Malware Check

pc freezes after start up

Computer Freezes during games or streaming videos

Compuetr freezes after starting

Computer freezes and locks up.

constantly locks up!

Frequent hangs and programs taking 10 minutes to load (Windows 7)

Random crashes and sometimes BSOD

Computer Hard Freezes

Computer Freezes Streaming Video

Windows freezes

Large Downloads Causing freezing

Computer mysteriously freezes up after minimal use.

Computer Freezes Please Help

Computer freezes frequently

Computer Freezes and stops working

Strange AFK Stability Issue

My computer hangs and the POST takes forever. PLEASE HELP

Streaming Video Freezes computer

Freezing Problem

Freezing during boot

Computer Freezes

crash then audio and video stutter

computer locks up on startup

Computer locks up while streaming videos

XP locking up after hardware change

computer freezing!

freeze up when attempting standby

Freezing when watching videos

Computer freezes - HJT Log

PC Random freezes

Another PC Freezing

Streaming video crashes my computer

Computer freezes for about 20 seconds

Freezing/Locking up Randomly.

recently computer starting to freeze at start up

Freeze after start-up!

Comp freezes

Pc freezing at start up and no boot menu

Constant system freezing

Windows Freezing issues

PC continues to keep on freezing!

Need Help Computer Freezes upon Boot Up

Hangs when booting

PC buzzing & freezing while playing Audio/video

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