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COMPAQ Presario screen turned gray and I can't turn it off.

Blank screen afters bios?

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Black screen.

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Acer Aspire Black screen

Blank Screen

Black screen after login. (FileCure)

screen is black except for the window i had open prior to blue screen

Black screen after exiting full screen mode

My laptop's screen is gone black with a white line blinking on the top left corner

black screen in windows xp

Black Screen please help!

KSOD: Please help

Black screen after windows welcome

Screen flashes black and mouse centers afterward

Vista 64bit won't boot up in Normal Mode

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Black Screen in Windows 7 64 bit

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BSOD and black screen

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Vista Ultimate Install No Video After POST

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Will NOT Boot Windows. Stuck at Black Screen.

Black screen help

Why no display when running chkdsk?

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black scrren

Desktop blackscreens - HELP NEEDED!

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